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Aligning Operational & Clinical Goals

Increased quality and throughput through clinical and operational support

Intralign is a new kind of healthcare company that helps hospitals and surgeons create efficiencies in the intra-operative space through clinical support, actionable data systems and process re-design. Intralign creates substantial and sustainable improvements for hospitals by uniquely combining surgical first assistance with operational tools. This way, operational and clinical concerns are addressed simultaneously, allowing hospitals and surgeons to provide better quality of care with fewer resources – and increase surgical throughput.

A service line under siege: Orthopedic service lines, due to the growing elderly and active younger populations, reduction in reimbursement, and looming physician shortages will face some of the toughest challenges going forward. Intralign helps healthcare providers gain better control of both the economics and quality of major joint replacement. Intralign delivers novel and action-oriented solutions to help providers understand cost drivers, improve operational control, coordinate processes, and consistently manage spend and quality in this critical area.

The Need for Qualified Surgical Support

Bridging the surgeon shortage gap

Healthcare pioneers join forces to offer integrated efficiency solutions in orthopedic care.

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