Supply Chain Services

Intralign Strategic Supply Chain services help to optimize performance across the episode of care by reducing implant/supply costs and establishing alignment of clinical and operational stakeholders.

Strategic Roadmap

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Supply Chain Services

Managing the Process

Intralign Supply Chain Support

Intralign’s Supply Chain services help the hospital realize an optimized surgical episode via strategic, data-oriented solutions designed to dramatically reduce supply chain costs. Through hospital and Intralign collaboration, the Intralign Supply Chain team works to create alignment among all relevant stakeholders in order to maximize the odds of a successful, sustainable strategy.

Supply Chain Gap Analysis & Stakeholder Alignment:

Central to the Intralign process is the idea that all stakeholders – particularly surgeons and hospital leadership – need to contribute and agree to a unified strategy.

Intralign’s Supply Chain Gap Analysis and Stakeholder Alignment service brings key clinical and administrative stakeholders together to collaborate on critically analyzing supply utilization, processes and cost across the Total Joint Arthroplasty continuum.

Strategic Supply Chain Analytics & Metrics Management

Intralign works with facilities to perform ongoing cleaning, mapping, and benchmarking of supply chain data to ensure that utilization and cost data can be effectively and efficiently leveraged throughout the strategic planning process. Our team of advanced analytics experts delivers actionable, timely data services including:

  • Data capture, management, quality review and recommendations
  • Price benchmarking and UNSPSC classification
  • Strategic summaries highlighting key findings for directed initiatives
  • Compiled current spend and benchmark-based savings analysis

Intralign delivers key supply chain data in sophisticated, flexible formats to meet the specific reporting needs of the provider.

Intralign works with the provider to follow a systematic process that reveals gaps in the hospital’s supply chain:


RFI/RFP Development and Negotiation Management

Intralign works with the hospital or health system to develop a comprehensive RFI/RFP strategy to ensure that the provider is armed with the information it needs to effectively negotiate.

Data in hand, Intralign helps to identify high/low value and redundant manufacturers and high-opportunity negotiation points through a systematic, objective value analysis process utilizing comprehensive spend benchmarking and analysis.

RFI/RFP Program Goals:

  • Streamline processes and data analysis to best arm providers for negotiations
  • Identify redundant supplies/suppliers while achieving the same functional requirements
  • Assess & effect vendor consolidation efforts
  • Mitigate long-term purchasing risk