Strategic Roadmap

Optimizing results under healthcare reform requires an in-depth understanding of your hospital's preparedness level and opportunities for improvement. Intralign provides hospitals the roadmap to achieve success and eliminate inefficiencies across the episode of care.

Strategic Roadmap

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Intralign’s Strategic Roadmap for Hospitals

Shifting to value-based care is challenging within itself. When you add in rapidly approaching timelines by both government and commercial payers, hospitals are in need of direct and clear pathways in order to gain control – now.

With the right roadmap in place, and the clinical and operational tools to quickly execute success, hospitals can keep in-step – optimizing the clinical and fiscal health of both the patient and the organization.

Optimizing Results under Healthcare Reform

Depending on where your hospital falls within the spectrum of healthcare reform readiness, Intralign helps hospitals maximize performance across the episode of care. Intralign starts by providing hospitals with an in-depth understanding of care patterns, available resources and barriers to success.

Based on the most advanced analytics in the industry. Backed by years of health economics and care redesign experience, Intralign identifies inefficiencies within the episode of care, prioritizing areas for improvement.

Intralign’s Strategic Roadmap includes:

Opportunity Definition: Intralign employs robust data and analytics to understand both hospital and market spend, utilization, outcomes data and current resource use.


Episode Gap Analysis: Intralign prioritizes critical points where variation in decision-making can result in clinical and financial risks; including assessment of clinical support structures, cultural alignment and operational excellence.


Strategy & Implementation: Intralign builds and helps the hospital implement their customized strategic roadmap that targets the greatest opportunities relevant to meeting target goals. A recommended pathway of next steps is provided – including detailed activities and projected timelines to optimize the episode of care.

Our Savings Guarantee

Successfully navigating healthcare reform requires all parties to increase their accountability and transparency. Intralign believes that any partner to the hospital should be held to these same standards. Because of this, Intralign guarantees a level of results to the hospital following the completion of the strategic roadmap. This way, hospitals can proceed forward in confidence, while mitigating financial risk.

Every Hospital is Unique

Intralign-customized roadmaps ensure optimal hospital performance across each of our core programs:

  • Bundled Payment Program: Intralign helps the hospital understand and assess the projected financial impact of a bundled payment initiative. Through Intralign’s customized bundled payment roadmap, hospitals are able to target their greatest opportunities based on the needs of their unique patient population.
  • TJA Optimization Program: Intralign identifies critical initiatives across the orthopedic episode of care necessary to establishing the high-performing, low-cost service line. Metrics are scored via interviews, observations, surveys and publicly available data, and rolled-up to reveal high-level strengths and opportunities.
  • OR Optimization Program: Intralign starts by assessing surgical volume, Surgical First Assistant utilization, and capacity, in order
    to model the financial and quality impact of integrating Intralign Surgical First Assistants in conjunction with high-level performance improvement opportunities and ongoing assessment.
  • Rep-less Program: Intralign helps the provider obtain a clear understanding of manufacturer dependencies, identifies problematic gaps and provides recommendations and key services to sustain a Rep-less, optimized OR. A recommended pathway of next steps is provided – including detailed activities and timelines.
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