Intra-Operative Support

Intralign's highly qualified Surgeon Extenders help the hospital and surgeon do more with fewer resources – at a significantly lower administrative & financial burden to the hospital.

Strategic Roadmap

Intra-Operative Support

Process Transformation

Supply Chain Services

Managing the Process

Increased Clinical Quality and Volume

Intralign’s Intra-Operative Support Program utilizes expertly trained Surgical First Assistants (SFAs), or Surgeon Extenders, to help providers increase quality of care and surgical throughput with fewer resources – all while reducing administrative burden to the hospital.

Advancing Surgical Support

Trained by Intralign Academy, the nation’s first training curriculum to offer surgical and operational skill enhancement training, Intralign SFAs are a highly specialized resource that helps hospitals increase operating room efficiency and surgical throughput. Intralign SFAs are trained:

  • In orthopedic technology device and back table training
  • Across a variety of specialties and devices, including: orthopedics, general, cardiac, OB/GYN, robotic-assisted surgery, neuro
  • How to sustain newly designed process transformation initiatives
  • In surgical safety checklists adherence
  • To communicate clearly and effectively with surgical staff

Reduced Administrative Burden

Hospitals that have shifted their SFAs to Intralign have saved as much as $1.1M in payroll costs.

When combined with Intralign’s integrated service portfolio, hospitals are able to better control the economics of the intra-operative space and create additional efficiencies across the entire surgical episode.

“Intralign’s SFA program has saved us over $1.0M in payroll costs per year.”

— Jim Rapier, Director of Surgical Services University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center

Improved Efficiency

High quality SFAs (MD, DO, PA-C, ARNP, or RNFA certified) play a major role in the efficient, high-performing operating room. Intralign SFAs perform an average of up to 1,700 hours per year in surgery, enabling surgeons across all major surgical categories to:

  • Reduce surgery time by as much as 30%*
  • Increase surgical throughput up to 42%*

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Highly educated Surgical First Assistants help the hospital to increase quality and throughput, while lowering cost.

Intralign’s Unique Value

Intralign trained SFAs are qualified to assist in every step of the procedure, delivering superior, consistent support that helps reduce patient time under anesthesia, overall surgery duration, and decrease OR turnaround time. This enables the hospital to successfully transition to value-based care by gaining control over quality and cost.

Intralign SFAs Improve Surgical Efficiency


*Based on surgery time for HCPCS codes related to procedure area and derived from adding specific intra-operative activities that research has shown to produce reduced surgery time when taken over by SFA. Minute savings are from Bohm et al., Experience with Physician Assistants in a Canadian arthroplasty program, Canadian Journal of Surgery, Vol. 53, No 2, April 2010. Reduced procedure time calculated as percentage of surgeon’s procedure time reduced by addition of SFA to the procedure.
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Nationwide utilization of Physician Assistants is growing rapidly and studies have shown that the education PAs receive produces a sophisticated and flexible workforce. Click on the thumbnail to the left to view the full infographic. As the industry leader, Intralign is tirelessly working towards generating the highest quality surgical PAs through the use of our proprietary online learning platform, Intralign Academy.