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Intra-Operative Support

Process Transformation

Supply Chain Services

Managing the Process

The High-Performing, Low-Cost Service Line

Healthcare is facing unprecedented challenges. America’s need for surgical care is growing, while value-based payment initiatives demand that hospitals find ways to do more with less – at a higher quality level. Taking cost out of the system requires a strategic partnership; one with hands-on services designed to support you in every step of the process.

Aligning Clinical and Operational Goals

Intralign’s Total Joint Arthroplasty (TJA) Service Line Performance Solution aligns control across the TJA episode of care, reducing inefficiencies while improving quality of care. Guided by our TJA Service Line assessment, Intralign customizes the roadmap to meet your hospital’s unique needs. This allows the hospital to:

  • Achieve sustained surgeon/hospital alignment
  • Identify greatest cost savings opportunities
  • Optimize quality and efficiency

Intralign develops the plan, clinical innovations, and clinical decision support tools to optimize TJA Service Line performance. Our tools and services include:

Intralign’s Intra-Operative Support Program


Intralign’s team of highly trained Surgeon Extenders, or Surgical First Assistants (MD, PA-C, NP certified), are critical to establishing consistent, advanced-trained surgical teams. In addition, hospitals that have shifted their SFAs to Intralign have saved over $1M in annual payroll costs.

Intralign SFAs receive operational and clinical instruction through Intralign Academy, an advanced curriculum created in partnership with world renowned orthopedic care provider, Hospital for Special Surgery. As a result, Intralign SFAs have been shown to:

  • Reduce surgery time – up to 30% on total joint procedures
  • Increase throughput – as much as 42%
  • Increase surgeon satisfaction

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Intelligent Process Transformation Services


Intralign Process Transformation identifies inefficiencies and opportunities designed to optimize flow, maximize resource consumption, and reduce costs. Guided by our initial TJA assessment, Intralign Process Transformation addresses key points across the continuum of care.
Hospitals that have co-created operational efficiency programs with Intralign have been shown to:

  • Reduce surgical cancellation rates by 6%, saving $1.4M
  • Reduce sterile process supply and labor inefficiencies, saving $932k
  • Improve HCAHPs by 46 points within 6 months

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Strategic Supply Chain Services


Intralign’s Supply Chain services help the hospital realize an optimized surgical episode via strategic, data-oriented solutions designed to dramatically reduce supply chain costs. Through hospital and Intralign collaboration, the Intralign Supply Chain team works to create alignment among all relevant stakeholders in order to maximize the odds of a successful, sustainable strategy.

Intralign Supply Chain Services works with the hospital to:

  • Analyze current vendor use and value-based analysis processes
  • Provide recommendations for vendor consolidation and begin the transition to Value-Based Technology – FDA-cleared devices that have been used effectively for years with positive outcomes
  • Optimize contracts with vendors and guide vendor contract renegotiations

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Managing the Process


Intralign empowers clinical and operational decision making via an intuitive suite of change management tools that assist the hospital in gaining rapid insight into actionable data.

  • IntralignCompare™ helps hospitals quickly assess service line strength by comparing personal performance across hospitals in a given region and against national benchmarks.
  • Total Joint Manager™ monitors and analyzes data collected on key metrics in the OR via a series of actionable, web-based data dashboards.

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