Bundled Payment Program

Strategic Roadmap

Intra-Operative Support

Process Transformation

Supply Chain Services

Managing the Process

Gaining Control of the Episode of Care

Intralign’s Bundled Payment Program helps hospitals and health systems optimize care delivery and maximize results under value-based care. Intralign helps hospitals prepare for the emerging reality of risk-based payment models.

Optimizing Performance Under Risk-Based Payment Models

The mandatory Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) and the voluntary Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BCPI) programs from CMS are designed to incentivize hospitals to coordinate and improve the quality and cost of care for Medicare patients undergoing total joint surgery.

CJR took effect April 1, 2016. Not all hospitals are included in the program from the beginning, but it is important for ALL hospitals to create a roadmap for risk-based payment models as Medicare and commercial insurers rapidly expand their use.

Intralign assesses your organization’s readiness to successfully participate in a bundled payment program and prepares the pathway and hands-on tools and services to optimize results. As a first step, arm yourself with Intralign’s Comprehensive CJR Profile Report and better prepare yourself for the road ahead.

Intralign’s CJR Profile Report includes:

  • CJR Report Card Summary
  • Net Payment Reconciliation Amount Report
  • Episode Payments Report
  • Inpatient Episode Cost Report
  • Key Episode Cost Driver Report
  • First Post-Acute Care Payments Report
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Report
  • Home Health Report
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Report
  • Readmissions Report
  • Quality Score Report

CJR Profile includes up to 3 hours of analytical support and training to better assist you in understanding and interpreting your hospital’s unique results.

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Intralign’s Intelligent Alignment of Pathways & Collaborators

Intralign’s Strategic Roadmap for Hospitals

Our customized Strategic Bundled Payment Roadmap identifies inefficiencies within the episode of care. We start by assessing your projected opportunity.

Following this assessment, Intralign guarantees a level of results – mitigating financial risk to the hospital.

  • Opportunity Definition: Intralign employs robust data and analytics in order to understand both hospital and market spend, utilization, and outcomes data and identify current care delivery patterns and areas for improvement.
  • Episode Gap Analysis: After assessing the patient journey and provider activities both inside and outside the 90-day episode of care, Intralign prioritizes critical points where variation in decision-making can result in clinical and financial risks.
  • Strategy & Implementation: Intralign builds and helps the hospital implement their customized strategic roadmap that targets the greatest opportunities relevant to meeting and beating the Bundled Payment target spend.

The Tools for Successful Implementation

Unlike consulting houses, Intralign’s provides hands-on services to increase control and lower costs. Intralign uniquely combines clinical support, process transformation and analytics in our bundled payment model. Our tailored solution helps you prioritize care delivery components and improve management of patients from pre-op to post-acute and long term care. We combine these tools in a roadmap customized to meet your organization’s needs:

Intralign addresses issues within and outside the episode that have the greatest impact on quality and cost of care

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Strategic Roadmap

  • Outcomes/Cost risk assessment & triage
  • Optimize health Standardized care paths based on risk assessment
  • Education
  • Discharge planning
  • Patient reported outcomes (PRO)

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Intra-Operative Support

  • Implant costs
  • Labor/use of SFAs
  • Optimize OR time, space, resources
  • Evidence-based best practices
  • Rep management/ supply chain

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Process Transformation

  • Manage high-risk patients
  • Contract with optimal PAC partners/manage utilization
  • Discharge planning coordination
  • Education for patients and care givers

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Managing the Process

  • Telemedicine
  • Readmission control
  • PRO measurement
  • Data sharing with partners
  • Gainsharing/alignment payments

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