Case Studies

Intralign uniquely combines clinical and operational solutions to help hospitals and surgeons create substantial and sustainable improvements to the efficiency of the OR and key supporting areas. The following select group of case studies examines the impact that such efficiency initiatives have on the hospital organization.

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Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

In 2014, St. Joseph Health System’s largest Northern California ministry – Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital – began the process of establishing itself as a Total Joint Arthroplasty (TJA) Center of Excellence. Like many providers striving to build out premier service lines, Santa Rosa Memorial needed to address and account for 1) increasing competition for patients from local providers; 2) concern over operational challenges, including OR capacity; and 3) cost pressures across the episode created by CMS’ value-based payment models. Intralign worked with Santa Rosa Memorial’s leadership to enhance its TJA strategic plan and organize operational initiatives that would position the facility as the regional leader for TJA. [Read More]


Enhancing Practice Efficiency with Specialized Clinical and Surgical Support

With the advent of the Affordable Care Act reducing reimbursement payment levels and increasing quality standards, physician practices are faced with a host of challenges. Surgeons must work harder than ever before to maintain income levels while meeting the needs of the practice. New staffing models that focus on the specialization of labor work to alleviate these growing pressures and help to optimize efficiency of care, increase throughput and reduce costs. [Read More]


Increasing Efficiency in Surgical Procedures
Intralign at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center

At hospitals across the country, and specifically to University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center, the use of Intralign’s Surgical First Assistants (SFAs) is seen as critical to maintaining a high quality of surgical service while also increasing efficiencies in the Operating Room. Such efficiencies are necessary to effectively manage an increasing patient load without an equal expansion of surgeon staff. Few models can achieve both at the same time, and at St. Joseph Medical Center, the Intralign program is hailed as a unique success. [Read More]


Enhancing efficiency in robotic-assisted surgery with advanced support
Intralign’s surgical support partnership with Dr. Mark Baker

The shift toward value-based care models that reward quality and outcomes over quantity is changing the lens through which hospitals view robotic-assisted surgery. Known for its benefits of enhancing surgeon capabilities, range of motion, reducing patient pain-levels, loss of blood, reducing length of stay and faster recovery time, robotic-assisted surgery aligns well with a healthcare industry adjusting to transformative changes from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. [Read More]


Physician-Surgical First Assistant team drives efficient, top quality surgical care
Intralign’s clinical support partnership with Dr. Eugene Murphy

High-performing Physician/Surgical First Assistant teams ensure that consistent support is provided in the operating room, allowing the surgeon to improve efficiency and perform more surgeries as a result. Like other surgeons across the country, Tampa Bay’s General/ Vascular Surgeon Dr. Eugene Murphy understands that the use of Intralign Surgical First Assistants is necessary to effectively manage an increasing patient load without sacrificing quality. Few models currently achieve such results, making the Intralign/Dr. Eugene Murphy partnership a unique and important success. [Read More]


Understanding Your Customer to Develop Service Line Excellence

In 2013, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, California, part of the St. Joseph Health System, discovered a critical need to understand how the acute care facility could distinguish itself from local competition in the total joint replacement area and further develop orthopedic service line excellence. Hospital leaders believed they were offering a superior experience and clinical result, but they needed to be able to articulate this in a way that patients would find most valuable — and different from other hospitals. [Read More]


Intralign’s Process Transformation Experience Portfolio

While many consulting firms offer advice about process redesign, Intralign Process Transformation is part of a unique suite of process optimization tools that enable the Process Owners to institute and sustain the changes. By combining strong clinical support and actionable dashboards that guide management decision making, Intralign Process Transformation unlocks the hospital’s efficiency potential. [Read More]


Value-Based Supply Chain

In 2014 Intralign was approached by one of the nation’s largest hospital systems, with over $2 billion in annual supply spend, to assist in vendor consolidation and physician alignment efforts. With the goal of applying pressure to vendors to reduce cost, Intralign worked to develop a comprehensive, system-wide supply chain RFI/RFP process backed by accurately categorized purchasing data. Intralign’s ability to gain control of, and accurately benchmark, vast reams of purchase data lead to an initial $2.4 million in annual savings in orthopedic trauma prior to vendor consolidation. In addition, the supply data was shared with hospital clinicians to promote transparency and further facilitate physician/hospital alignment. [Read More]

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Pinellas Surgical Associates

Changing healthcare realities is modifying the way surgical practices are approaching the overall delivery of patient care. Pinellas Surgical Associates, based in Pinellas, FL, is increasing surgical efficiency by integrating highly qualified Surgical First Assistants (SFAs) into their surgical care team. This empowers the physicians at Pinellas Surgical Associates to treat more patients in less time without compromising quality. [Read More]