About Us

Controlling the Episode of Care

Intralign enables hospitals to successfully navigate healthcare reform challenges through a unique, hands-on approach to episode management. We combine clinical and operational tools to help hospitals gain control of the episode of care – from inside the hospital to post-acute.

Intralign partners with hundreds of hospitals across the country to enable better episode control and change practices to match demands and policies for accountability and transparency in healthcare delivery. Intralign’s 200 Surgical First Assistants provide clinical support and track OR efficiency – and our analytical, supply chain, and process transformation tools help hospitals engineer and manage the optimal episode of care.

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Bundled Payment Program

From assessment to implementation, Intralign enables the hospital to prepare for bundled pay- ment initiatives – CJR and beyond. [Learn More]



OR Optimization Program

Intralign’s surgeon extenders provides clinical support to reduce procedure time and increase throughput – while helping the hospital identify and manage areas of improvement. [Learn More]



Rep-less Program

Enabling the hospital to realize lower implant and device costs – and gaining better control of the episode – by reducing the role of the sales rep in the OR. [Learn More]



TJA Optimization Program

Intralign’s tool to assess current reimbursement, cost, and quality performance optimize the episode through a combination of clinical and operational resources, and monitor progress throughout process of improvement. [Learn More]